Classes 1, 2, 3 & 4

Get a display board (your teacher may be able to advise you on this) and make a colourful, eyecatching display describing your work and what you've discovered. Use your imagination, your computer, your camera: you can include pictures, charts, diagrams and even small demonstrations that can sit in front of your display.

Classes 5

EITHER A display board (as for Classes 1-4) OR why not be different? Use your computer skills to make a PowerPoint (© Microsoft) presentation or a web page about your project. The range of things you can build in is huge: pictures, words, charts, photos, movie clips, animations . . . Let your imagination take over!

Log Book

Please remember that a Log Book (including dated entries) is also part of your display, when presented to the Judges.

Remember to include a bibliography:

A bibliography is a list of the references you have used to find out information to help you with your project. These might include books, encyclopedias, scientific magazines, websites .....

If you've used GoogleTM to find information, you should reference the wbpages you find in GoogleTM. Don't reference GoogleTM itself.

Note: Wellington City Libraries offer a special prize of a $50 book voucher for a project with the best bibliography.